Our Process

Interested in selling your dolls or your doll collection? At Vintage Doll Pro, we specialize in purchasing vintage Barbie dolls from the 50's and 60's. Unfortunately, we typically do not purchase Barbie dolls that were produced after 1975. Also, we do not purchase any Holiday Barbies or reproduction Barbie's as there is no demand in the market for them.

Vintage Doll Pro always pays a fair market value for your vintage dolls! Here at Vintage Doll Pro, we are experts on all major brands of dolls; however, our primary focus is purchasing vintage Barbie dolls. We can guide you through the process so that you aren’t lost in the confusion of selling something online.

If you have a doll or dolls you would like to sell, please fill out our sellers form below. You can always count on a safe secure transaction with Vintage Doll Pro! If you are interested in selling your Vintage Doll, fill out the form on our Vintage Barbie Selling Page!